Marshmallows with fruits


Discover our fruit marshmallows made from natural fruit purées to delicately flavor the marshmallow: strawberry, raspberry, exotic (mango / passion fruit), banana and lemon. No artificial flavors and the colorings used are natural.

140 gr

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Marshmallows: banana, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mango / passion Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, glucose syrup, water, mango passion compound, raspberry, strawberry, banana, strawberry, lemon, (sugar, sugar (beet), lemon, mashed: mango, passion fruit, raspberry , banana, banana juice concentrate, apple concentrate, safflower, lemon water, gelling agent: modified corn starch, hydrogenated vegetable oil (100% coconut), ascorbic acid, citric acid E330), natural lemon flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate, fish gelatin, natural flavor: Madagascar vanilla, vanilla hint May contain soy, lactose, nuts, sulphite. Contains gluten. Our marshmallows are prepared with a gelatin of marine origin.


In order to better preserve the quality of our marshmallows, keep them in their original packaging properly closed, at a temperature close to 18°C, away from humidity, air and light.