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To maintain the high quality of our chocolates, store them at around 18°C, in their original packaging, away from humidity, air and light. Guidance on storage is shown on the information page for each product, under the ‘Preservation’ tab.

Commitment to quality and regulations

We are reducing the use of additives in all our products.On the rare occasions we use colouring, it is in strict compliance with the law and only in the absolute minimum quantities. Our objective is to offer you products which are both wholesome and tasty, which is why we our chocolates, chocolate spreads, confectionary, fruit jellies, ice creams, macaroons and cakes are made by us in our own workshops. For us, producing everything ourselves and controlling the process from the beginning to the end enables us to guarantee the quality, the consistency, the taste and the excellence of our products. We choose the raw materials, transform the cacao into chocolate and the dried fruit into praline, we create our own recipes and are constantly striving to improve quality.

Best-before date

Our chocolates are hand-crafted and made without preservatives. For this reason, and to be able to guarantee that they are fresh at the moment of eating, we deliberately put extremely short best-before dates, usually around five weeks from the date of production. Chocolates are withdrawn from sale two weeks before their best-before date; they may still be safely enjoyed for several weeks after this date, although the taste will not be to the same high quality as before.

Place of manufacture

Our workshops are located in Touraine, at Chambray-lès-Tours. It is here that we transform the cacao into chocolate and dried fruit into praline. Confectionary is also produced here. We control all aspects of the development of our recipes.

Allergies and food intolerance

All our products can contain trace elements (nuts, glutens, etc.) as all production takes place in the same workshop. In compliance with the law and with the objective of transparancy, we label our products and communicate all information regarding ingredients on the product pages of our website. This information is also freely available in our boutiques from the sales staff and the list of allergens that can be found in our recipes.

Descriptive leaflets about our chocolates

We have made the decision not to include a product leaflet in our boxes of chocolates in order to reduce the use of paper but also because we like to change from time to time and the assortments change a little too! Discover our great range of chocolates here.

Origins of our cacao beans

“Our recipes are created from cacao coming from different origins – Haiti, Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, etc. From the selection of the co-operatives and the raw materials, to the blending – the fine-tuning of flavours to obtain the perfect covering or a delicious praline, we control every aspect in order to guarantee the excellence of our products.
Suppliers are expected to comply with our good practice charter and our product specifications which are based on several criteria, most importantly :
✓ Environmental (sustainable development)
✓ Social (labour law and employee rights)
✓ Quality and compliance (standards and certificates)
✓ Working conditions (child labour forbidden)
We require our suppliers to behave ethically and to be socially responsible. Through our travels, we choose, wherever possible, to deal directly with producers.”


Reducing the amount of waste and reusing unavoidable waste are of prime importance, doing so will reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we are choosing new materials to develop our packaging and striving to improve little by little! Plastic is currently 80% from recycled sources and very soon our packaging will be made from 100% recycled plastic, mainly recovered from single-use water and soda bottles. Most of our paper and cardboard boxes are assembled using a series of folds, a system which we developed, and without the use of glue. They are recyclable, apart from the small gilded card. The spoons used to serve take-away ice cream are biodegradable and the small spoons in the individual pots are recyclable.

Distribution network

Due to the fragile nature of the products we manufacture and wanting to maintain the highest standards of quality, we have a fully integrated distribution network.

Ordering online

Address errors or additional information

We can modify, or add details to, the destination address of your order, as long as it hasn’t been prepared for despatch yet. Send us a message without delay here.

Add a personal message to your order

You have the possibility to add a personal message for the recipient of your order. A box is provided for this purpose at the end of the order confirmation form!

Tracking your order

Upon despatch of your order, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number of your parcel. Simply click on this number to track delivery!
When the courier leaves our boutique with your purchase you will receive updates by text message so as not to lose track of it until its arrival.


We never put invoices in with orders, they are down-loadable in the ‘My Account’ section. Simply click on the order concerned to obtain your invoice. If you wish to modify it or for any other questions, please click here.

Personalised boxes

We do not offer personalisation of boxes of chocolates in our online boutique. Assortments always comprise mostly dark chocolates.

Changing your order

Orders can be changed as long as they haven’t yet been prepared for despatch. We can cancel an order and process a reimbursement or add products which might have been forgotten via the online payment system. Click here without delay.

Order confirmation

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your invoice as an attachment. You can also find all the information relating to your order in the ‘My Account‘ section.

Choice of delivery method

We offer ‘click and collect’ from all our boutiques, delivery by courier and shipping throughout France and Europe. If all selections are not available, it is probably because a product added to your basket is not suitable for shipping.

Payment refused

If your payment is not accepted, please try again. If it still doesn’t work and you cannot pay for your order, we can help you on this page.

Product availability

Certain creations are especially delicate and will not survive shipping. Others are only available in our boutiques. It can also happen that some of our most popular products will be out of stock from time to time. This is why our extremely large range is not shown in full on the website. Jams, cakes, macaroons, chocolate treats, etc. are all waiting to be discovered in our boutiques : here

Addressee's contact details

We ask for the e-mail address and telephone number of your addressee so that Chronopost tracking will be as efficient as possible. For our couriers, this is also the only way to ensure that delivery is made to the right place at the right time.

Delivery to the USA

Due to the fragile nature of our specialties and being unable to control the transport and storage conditions, shipping outside Europe is currently not available.

Shipping costs

We have chosen to have our chocolates delivered via Chronopost, to ensure they are delivered in the best possible condition. This quality service for fragile and perishable items has a cost, which you might consider high, but we make no profit on this. Shipping costs vary according to the destination (France vs. Europe), but are fixed regardless of the quantity of confectionary ordered! We absorb the difference in price when the parcel is particularly large. We prefer to offer our high-quality chocolates at a reasonable price throughout the year, rather than increase the price per kilo so as to claim we are offering free shipping.

Our delivery options

See here for details of delivery options

Gift card

Offer your friends and family a magic gourmet key! in other words, the possibility to choose from the confectionary delights in our online boutique. And the range to choose from is huge – boxes of assorted ganache truffles and pralines, chocolate specialties, chocolate bars, coated marshmallows, candies, etc.

Receive or send your virtual gift card for a value of €50, €100, €150 or €200. The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and may be used exclusively for a single order from our online boutique. The amount of the gift can be used for all the creations available on the website, as well as for delivery. It is possible to opt for in-store collection or delivery by carrier in France or elsewhere in Europe. The card is non-refundable, non-replaceable in the case of loss or theft and may not be used in conjunction with special offers or promotions.

How to use your promo code ?

When you are in your cart, enter your promo code in the box next to the chocolate bar. Then click on Ok to save. The promo code is only valid once exclusively on the e-shop, cannot becombined with any other offer.

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