Basket of fall almond paste


Our fall fruits and vegetables taste delicious. Corn on the cob, mushrooms, chestnuts, bunch of grapes … painted by hand, can be admired before being cooked!

200 g

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The basket is filled with 10 to 13 subjects depending on their weight Ingredients: sugar, almonds, glucose syrup (wheat), invert sugar, stabilizer: E420, preservative: E202, coating: shellac, colors: E120, E131, E132, E150c, E151, E161b, egg whites, flavoring May contain traces of nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio, soy, milk and sulphites


In order to best preserve the quality of our almond pastes, store them at a temperature close to 18 ° C, away from humidity, air and light. their freshness, we recommend that you consume them within 6 weeks of your purchase.