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À la Mère de Famille Chocolatier - Savoir Faire À la Mère de Famille

Our production site is located in Chambray-lès-Tours. From raw cocoa to the final chocolate product or praliné, this is the place where it all happens.This is, in fact, quite rare in our line of work, because these processes are complex, and they are quite often outsourced. For us, being in complete control of our production ensures our products uphold the highest standards of quality and taste. Our laboratory is big enough to accommodate traditional as well as modern equipment. In this environment, our chocolate chief Jean-Marc Polisset, can mold and create the tastiest chocolate candies, using traditionnal time-tested recipes.

Traditional manufacturing House and innovation are, since the 19th century, the main ingredients of chocolates – more than sixty recipes – À la Mère de Famille. Among them, the famous praline rochers, les Folies de l’Ecureuil, the spreads or the Florentines and the inevitable Palets Montmartre. These chocolate discs of extreme finesse hide treasures of creativity. Sometimes filled with lemon ganache, raspberry, or a crunchy praline, they are, depending on the season, decorated with a fried egg (for Easter) or a “I love you” (for Valentine’s day).

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À la Mère de Famille Confiseur - Savoir Faire À la Mère de Famille

Beside making our own chocolate, À la Mère de Famille makes almost all its confectionery. Among them, the Négus of Nevers, taken over by the Dolfi family while this small piece of our heritage threatened to disappear. All are made according to traditional recipes defined by the House, including delicacies, such as calissons, marrons glacés or jams, made by other craftsmen, rigorously selected. A choice of traditional sweets must complete this assortment. For these, the House supplies itself from the historical manufacturers (Bêtises of Cambrai, Bergamotes of Nancy …). Inspired by an experience of more than two and a half centuries, A la Mère de Famille is an expert confectioner. The best, if you listen to experts when they evoke its marrons glacés. More marked in chestnuts, because less sweet, they offer an authentic flavor, resulting from an unprecedented recipe that took more than four years to put in point. Amazing for a marron glacé.

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À la Mère de Famille Glacier - Savoir Faire À la Mère de Famille

Supervised a few years ago by a glacier Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Champion, the development of ice creams and sorbets A la Mère de Famille is part of the finest tradition. Fresh fruit quality – a rarity in glaciers – sublimate perfumes classic (vanilla, chocolate, coffee, apricot, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry) or exotic (pineapple, mango, melon, fresh mint, lime zest, coconut with mango chips). But the secret of these unique ice creams is, first and foremost, the Boutique À la Mère de Famille, an endless supply of perfumes. Fragments of calissons thus delicately paired with a pistachio ice cream, bursts of florentines incorporated into a chocolate ice cream or Folies de l’Écureuil mixed with these frozen moments. We find these delicious ideas in vacherins and Eskimos, traditional ice cream to enjoy on a stick. Craftsmanship – the ice cream is made with fresh fruit, no coloring, no aroma and conservative – and daring are combined with talent, in perfect harmony with the spirit of the House.


À la Mère de Famille Pâtissier - Savoir Faire À la Mère de Famille

Each day, candied fruit cakes, pink praline cake, Folies de l’Ecureuil cake or lemon cake , enrich the stall of shops. A delight developed for long months by the family and its chef. Tasty and mellow, they are homemade and tutante macaroons, also made and imagined by the mother of the family. Pistachios, hazelnuts and pine nuts, finely selected, invite themselves into the shell, rustic and cracked, where their aromas are as intact as powerful. Inside, a fine and unctuous ganache sublimates the authentic flavor of each dry fruit. Chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, pine nut, coffee, vanilla or salted caramel, there is something for everyone.

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